Kristi Cook

Kristi Cook

Practice Manager/Client Services Specialist

Kristi has navigated a diverse path for nearly two decades, blending her expertise in the corporate world with a passion for non-profit endeavors. Currently, she leads the team at Luminary Wealth Management as the Practice Manager and Client Services Specialist, where her skills and enthusiasm come together.

In her role at Luminary Wealth Management, Kristi has perfected her customer service skills, helping to provide each client with top-notch care and attention. Kristi recognizes that clients are seeking more than just financial advice; they desire a deep, personal connection with their financial advisor. To her, trust is the cornerstone of this relationship, representing the most sacred and valued principle in her professional repertoire.

Beyond her corporate responsibilities, Kristi is dedicated to giving back to her community. She actively volunteers with the Team Gleason Foundation, the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation, and the Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund, reflecting her commitment to building meaningful connections beyond the boardroom. 

During her leisure time, Kristi indulges in a diverse range of music genres, attends concerts and music festivals, and experiments with new recipes in the kitchen. Trust, community, and connecting with others are guiding values that shape every aspect of Kristi's life.